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Air Conditioning Systems

Reid Mechanical Corp. installs and services air conditioning systems for commercial and residential customers from some of the best manufacturers in the industry including American Standard, Carrier, York, Mitsubishi and Diken.

Our expert technicians will evaluate your business or home, as well as your personal preferences, to help you determine the best fit for your needs. Whether it's a ductless sytem or traditional air conditioning system, we will help you understand the product and installation process.

If efficiency costs are a concern for you, there are many high-efficiency air conditioning options available. Talk to one of our technicians to find out more.

Heating Systems

Reid Mechanical Corp. installs and services heating systems from some of the best names in the industry including HTP, Buderus, Lockenvar, American Standard and more.

The boilers and furnaces we install are some of the most efficient systems available. Other popular options for heating that we install and service include:

  • Radiant Floor Heating Systems
  • Hydro-Air Systems
  • Heat Pumps

Talk to one of our technicians to find out which option is best for your business or home, and for your budget.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Reid Mechanical Corp. has a full in-house sheet metal fabrication shop. This allows you to work with one company for the complete installation of your heating or air conditioning system equipment needs.

Air Cleaners

Reid Mechanical Corp. can install air-cleaning systems for your entire home or building. This is a popular option to cut down on the allergens for people with asthma and other respiratory problems. Air cleaners can remove up to 99% of the airborne particles to help reduce allergic reactions.

Humidification Systems

A popular misconception is that humidity is bad. The truth is that in the winter, the humidity level drops too low and the air becomes too dry. Dry air can contribute to walls, woodwork, and hardwood floors cracking or separating. In addition, viruses that cause colds and the flu thrive in low humidity conditions according to The American Society of Otolaryngology. Dry air can also aggravate the airways for those with allergies and asthma.

Humidification systems can be installed directly into your existing heating or cooling system. Talk to an expert at Reid Mechanical Corp. to find out more!

Lowering the cost of running A/C & Heat

Add some greenery to your landscape! By blocking and dissipating the sun’s rays, strategically placed trees shield areas of your home and property from unwanted heat.

Similar to how we sweat, shade trees cool the surrounding air through water evaporation. But you won’t be sweating much after your shade trees grow in.

Not only are shade trees aesthetically pleasing, but numerous studies suggest they keep your home and property cooler, and reduce energy and cooling needs anywhere from 20 to 100 percent.

Knowing where to place your green cover makes all the difference in heat management. Instead of overworking your air conditioner—and your wallet—plant shade trees in areas exposed to direct sunlight.



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